How and Why Corporate Trainers Rent Meeting Rooms

It’s very common for corporate trainers and other business executives to rent meeting rooms. Right now there are over 30 million small businesses in the US. Many of those businesses are operating on a shoe-string budget and don’t have massive office space for meetings.

The answer to that problem is to rent meeting rooms when they’re needed.

In this article we are going to explain why and how these businesses do that.


  1. Cost

It’s going to be much cheaper to rent a meeting room for a meeting or presentation, than to rent an enormous amount of office space with a long-term lease that you rarely use and have sitting empty most of the year.

Renting the room or rooms only when you need them is very cost-effective.

  1. Optics

If you’re going to give a polished presentation, then you need a polished room to work in. What if you are operating your business out of your parents’ house. Are you going to invite a bunch of well-healed clients to sit on beanbag chairs in the basement with Disney posters on the walls? Probably not, if you want to keep them as clients for long.

Showing your clients that you are perfectly set up to operate your business the way it should be operated makes you look good. It makes you look serious and professional.

  1. Convenience

You not only need a meeting room, but you need one that will have what you need. You’ll want WIFI, maybe some whiteboards or a projector and the cables you will need to hook up your presentation.

Davinci Meeting Rooms offer all of that plus catering availability, and plenty of convenient locations to choose from. In addition, Davinci allows you to rent the room for as long or as short of a time as you need. That’s another big cost savings. See #1.

Even if you have your own rented office space, your space might be on the small side to have saved money. If that’s the case, you’re unlikely to have the kind of meeting-room space in the size you need.

There’s a significant convenience factor in being able to rent a meeting room of any size you need, at any time, in the location of your choice.

  1. Technical advances

If you rent a meeting room, you will also possibly be able to do videoconferencing in a quiet environment if you need to. You’ll never be able to do that from Mom’s basement with the washer and dryer going.

A professional meeting room opens up a lot of options for both you and your business.


So, let’s say you want to rent a meeting room. How do you go about it?

  1. Call and talk to one or more businesses that rent boardrooms.

Sometimes hotels do it, too. If you wanted to rent one of the Davinci boardrooms, you simply get in touch with us, talk to a meeting planner, and tell us what you need.

Keep in mind that booking meeting rooms in hotels will be much more expensive than renting them from a company like ours. And, furthermore, hotels are notoriously poor at making sure your technological needs are met.

  1. Decide on location

Davinci has lots of locations to choose from, and the meeting rooms may be similar or slightly different. It’s a good idea to go check out a meeting room before committing to it, mainly to verify that you’ll have access to whatever technology you need to make your presentation.

You will also want to look around the area. Maybe you had in mind that everyone would go out for lunch or dinner afterwards and you may want restaurants close by. Or maybe the meeting will run long, and you want to be fairly close to the hotels for the convenience of your visitors from out-of-town.

If the meeting is important, definitely take the time to have a close look before committing. Are the washrooms in a convenient location. Can someone go outside for a breath of air—especially if the meeting will be long.

Don’t rely solely on photos online or in a brochure. Go and see for yourself if the chairs are comfortable and if the rooms look good.

  1. Check the rules

Find out what the rules are about changing dates or hours. Things happen. You might want to book for longer than you need and then shave off some time as the date draws closer. It’s not always easy to change your date at the last minute.

  1. Practice

For important meetings you may want to rent the room once for an hour or two before your upcoming meeting, and check out how well everything works, including your own tech equipment. You will want your meeting to flow seamlessly without any hang-ups.

  1. Plan ahead carefully

You’ll want to think about things like if you want hot or cold drinks or snacks in the room depending on the length of the meeting. Davinci can arrange these types of things, but not all providers of rented boardrooms can or will.

Do you want to order and hand out any swag to your clients? Do you need new business cards? Will you need a printer in the room? The further ahead you plan, the fewer mistakes you will make.


Renting meeting rooms is smart business. You keep your overhead down by only using rooms when you need them. However, you are able to give your business a polished and professional look and feel right when you need it and wherever you need it.

Because Davinci has meeting rooms located in so many areas, you will likely find beautiful space where you couldn’t afford it as a full-time office lease anyway.

Davinci Meeting Rooms offer beautiful meeting spaces all over the US and in 50 different countries at great prices. If you have any questions about this article or would like to talk to us about booking one of our meetings rooms, please call us toll-free at (877) 453-9516.


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