How a Portfolio Website Can Help Your Virtual Career

We all know that the internet brings many benefits to our life. One of which is that it gives us the ability to launch our own web page. While there are numerous website types all over the internet, you must’ve heard of the portfolio website.

If you have skills of any sort, be it coding or gardening, take advantage of a portfolio website. Apart from showcasing your expertise, you can make money from anywhere in the world. Thus, allow us to share with you how a portfolio website can help your virtual career.

1. It’s More Memorable 

Most people still use paper-based portfolios. Thus, having a portfolio website will significantly boost your memorability.

Additionally, portfolio sites can set you apart from your competitors. Suppose you have some set of skills and market them through your portfolio websites. In that situation, you can attract more clients, as your site makes it more convenient for them to reach you.

If you haven’t got any idea of what the excellent ones look like, use these best portfolio websites for inspiration. The listicle covers 25 fantastic portfolio website examples. Thus, you can learn from one that’s close to your niche.

2. Shows Your Skills and Builds Credibility

If you rely on printed posters to introduce your service, you can lose a bunch of potential clients. This is because people won’t always take for granted what’s written on your posters. They need proof. 

As portfolio websites grant more space than printed documents, you can show them what skills you got. Also, you won’t have to worry about choosing which piece of work you’ll present to your clients. You can include them all on your portfolio website and highlight your best works.

Suppose you’re a graphic designer. In that case, you may use different styles for different projects. Utilizing a portfolio website, you can categorize your projects based on the design style. That way, your visitors can see how sharp your designing skills are, confirming your credibility.

3. Creates a Great First Impression

If you have to choose one platform to showcase your work, you should go with a website. While you can always use social media, a website can make you look even more professional. As a result, you’ll leave a great first impression on your potential clients.

Additionally, with our lives revolving around the digital world, having a portfolio website tells if you’re able to follow the evolution and be comfortable doing it.

4. Drives More Customers 

When offering services online, you want to drive people to your website. For this, you can use the most cost-effective strategy to get your portfolio on the first page of Google: Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO practices include creating quality content, conducting keyword research, and linking. For this, you may want to start blogging. 

When writing, consider your target audience’s problems and focus on solving them. That way, you can be their source of information, and they’ll come back to your blog multiple times. Once the trust is built, you’ll start to see increased conversions.

5. Allows More Creative Freedom

Websites offer limitless freedom in creativity. So, feel free to display your portfolio in any way you want. For example, you can show it through video or a slideshow. It’s all up to you.

Also, unleash your creative side by playing around with the site’s theme, color, and layout. 

While finding the perfect theme from the WordPress directory is an easy task, we recommend you to code your way to a tailor-made theme if you’re a coder. That way, your site will look unique and distinct.

If you ever get stuck working from home, there are dozens of coworking spaces you can take advantage of. After all, being surrounded by like-minded people can help you overcome your creative blocks.

6. Establishes Your Brand

Now, all the design elements you put on your website tell about your brand. Therefore, be careful when creating your logo, choosing your color scheme, and using the typefaces. 

Suppose you want to highlight your artworks. In that case, you can combine the monochromatic black-and-white color palette and the geometric sans serif font, like Futura. That way, your portfolio website will look sharp and clean. 

7. Reflects Your Personality

When done right, your portfolio website can bring out the best in you. 

Keep in mind that your portfolio website is a medium to sell your skills. Thus, remember to always add a personal touch to its appearance. It’s because your portfolio website will reflect who you are as a creative worker and how you introduce yourself. 

Your portfolio website also shows what you’re passionate about. Suppose your displayed arts are all groovy and funky. In that case, your potential clients can get a taste of what they can expect from your products. 

8. Is Easy to Update

With a website, updating your portfolio is only a few clicks away. Every time you finish a project, you can upload them on your website right away. When you hit the Publish button, your changes will be saved and available online in real-time.

You can also add a Work In Progress category to regularly update your ongoing projects. That way, your visitors can see your creative process.

9. Reminds You of Your Achievements

As you’ll be updating your portfolio over time, you’ll get plenty of chances to look back. As a result, you’ll be able to see how much you’ve done and how far you’ve walked. Besides, you also can reflect on your identity.

On top of that, if you regularly update your portfolio website, it’ll speak for consistency. It doesn’t matter if your style changes once and again. What does is that you’re true to your words. Therefore, it’ll boost your credibility.

10. Is More Environmentally-Friendly

On average, a US office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year. Another study reveals that US citizens use 700 pounds of paper per year to end up in the trash. Apart from that, the printer and ink production also add up to the increased carbon emissions.

The less the amount of paper you use, the more you can contribute to the Earth’s well-being. Apart from that, you also create a more sustainable business environment. Thus, going paperless can also help your brand image. 

Here are the other benefits of going paperless:

● Better organization.

Paper is easily misplaced. Also, it’s time-consuming to manually sort them out. In contrast, your portfolio website will always be available online. 

● Easy access.

You can access your website anywhere and anytime. Additionally, it also improves customer experience. 

● Cost-effective.

Imagine if you have to print your portfolio every time you meet with a client. In comparison, your portfolio website can contain all of your projects.


While starting a portfolio website sounds like a daunting project, we want to assure you it’s worth all the time and energy you’ve invested. 

With the many creative workers out there, setting one of your own up will definitely set you apart. Because of its easy access, you’ll become more visible. And because of the improved credibility, you’ll get more customers. Thus, don’t wait for another second and kickstart your portfolio website now!



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