Finding a Space for Your Next Deposition: Persona is All.

In the practice of law, appearances count.  

While in many industries casual dress has become the normstandard attire at law firms – from partners to support staff – leans toward the formal 

Moreover, lawyers tend to occupy Class A office spaceseeking prime buildings, often with breathtaking views, in the most prestige locations. Inside, teams of well-dressed attorneys, associates and staff bustle within spacious, richly appointed interiors. 


Law firms historically used their office space as a branding tool, conveying status, power, success and authority to clients, according to Knoll Workplace Research on The Emerged Law Firm 

“The public face is to reinforce the brand, experience, expertise and depth of reputation,” said Gensler’s Jim Prendergast, Principal, Gensler, Chicago. “The quality of the materials, the rigor of their detailing, innovative use of finishes and timeless quality of design speaks about the level of service clients will get from the firm.”   


A delicate balance exists between portraying a successful, professional persona and managing expenses to keep a healthy bottom line, particularly for solo practitioners and small firms. 

Leveraging on-demand conference rooms as an extension of a lawyer’s office for depositions and other events such as arbitration, mediation and litigation preparations, can be a strategic solution. 

Outsourcing meeting locations with Davinci Meeting Rooms provides law firms of all sizes the opportunity to present a professional image with minimal effort and expense, while comfortably accommodating attorneys, clients, witnesses and other parties being deposed. With some 5,000 worldwide locations to choose from, attorneys can be sure to find a space that reflects the persona they desire.  

A detailed website description allows users to choose the setting that meets basic needs such as location, services and supplies, as well as less tangible preferences such as atmosphere, comfort factor and prestige. Selections are searchable by location, size, price, features and availability and can be booked via phone, website or mobile app. 

Davinci provides numerous advantages in law firm proceedings. 


Opting for on-demand meeting and event space, services and amenities can generate thousands of savings annually versus the extensive fixed costs of office rental. It’s a particularly intelligent choice for large meeting areas that are generally so underutilized they sit empty more often than not. 

Consuming space, equipment and support services by the hour, half-day or day is one-way smaller firms can “level the playing field” with large law firms, providing comparable service in an upscale setting to clients without the inflated fees large firms charge to maintain their real estate. 

Not only can firms and individuals achieve savings in real estate expense, but since most business centers offer rooms fully equipped with the latest technology and amenities, they can save on expenses that are only required on an occasional basis. They can also avoid any headaches associated with updating and maintaining office infrastructure. 

A professional business center also provides greater efficiencies and focused expertise than a hoteloffering dedicated staff, rooms and equipment at about half the price of hotel meeting rooms.  


Depositions require an environment that allows all participants to communicate comfortably and clearly in a venue that provides good acoustics and privacy. 

Legal proceedings can be so sensitive that an information leak could have critical consequences. An offsite location keeps meetings confidential from office mates, coworkers and staff.  

Professional office locations often are designed with acoustically treated walls to deaden sound transfer and/or located away from adjacent highly trafficked areas within the office.  

When depositions are held within a law office with clear glass walls, it can imply a participant’s availability, even if the attorney and other parties are engaged in a proceeding. An offsite locale negates such potential conflicts and provides a lower stress situation and more open conversation. 


Both small and large firms can benefit from the hotel-quality amenities and services that are standard offerings at professional business centers. Delivering small details and comfort can elevate the client experience and leave all guests with a positive impression of their host. 

A receptionist can provide a warm welcome and provide directional assistance to guestswhile a concierge can arrange any needed services such as transportation or refreshment services for long depositions, mediation and arbitration sessions.  

Food and beverage and/or onsite catering services allow all attendees to focus on the deposition or other meeting content rather than logistics. 


In many situations, clients and witnesses being deposed may be traveling with elderly family members or very young children. Locations can be selected with waiting areas appropriate to accommodate extended family without disrupting other proceedings. 


In fast-paced world of corporate law, a need may arise for same-day meeting rooms and offices for emergency sessions. With a deep inventory of choices in thousands of locations in all major cities, Davinci can provide solutions that allow even solo practitioners the accessibility to meet anywhere anytime. 

To accommodate various schedules, depositions may need to be held outside of normal business hours. A simple search on Davinci’s website can show which facilities offer extended hours. 

Technology & Business Services  

High end meeting rooms accessed through Davinci typically have state-of-the-art technology for videoconferencing available, as well as Wi-Fi, LCD projectors and other tools needed for legal documentation and proceedings. 

Meeting rooms come equipped with speakerphones and white boards with onsite photocopying and faxing, available. 

Arrangements can also typically be made to handle administrative tasks as well as additional specialized legal services such court reporting, serving subpoenascourt filings and/or legal research via outside paralegals, administrative assistants, court reporters and transcribers.  

The conference room rental provider handles the details and logistical arrangements, allowing users to focus on meeting preparation. Providers assure rooms are fully equipped and ready so business can be conducted seamlessly and efficiently. 


The list of potential parties in a deposition can be quite extensive. Any witness with knowledge of the facts of a case can be compelled to appear for a deposition. Beside the defendant, parties to a lawsuit might include employees or former employees, agents or managers. 

Such a wide range of parties means a number of people could be located quite a distance from the main proceedings. Being asked to travel excessive distances, such as driving more than 100 miles to a deposition location, can be cause to file to modify a motion or quell a subpoena. 

With a network of offices around the world, Davinci customers are typically able to select a location a convenient distance to parties in the deposition, and/or near legal districts with close proximity to court buildings and other ancillary services. 

In some cases, it may be necessary to hold depositions in several locations. Working through Davinci’s platform, meetings can be booked by the hour or the day in numerous locations over a single platform, streamlining administrative efforts. 


Davinci allows attorneys and their staffs to provide a customized deposition experience that meets the needs of all parties involved, while preserving the professional persona the attorney has worked so hard to cultivate, all at cost-effective price. 


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