Day Offices: What You Need to Know

Offices come in a variety of sizes, designs, and leasing options. Workplace solutions have evolved over the years from traditional private offices to coworking spaces. As this evolution continues, professionals are provided with more options that better suit their business needs and goals. One relatively new concept in the flexible office space industry is to rent office space by the hour.

Whether you are a freelancer or an experienced Executive, there will be situations where having a private office is not only convenient but also necessary. Think of consultations with new clients or teleconferencing with remote colleagues. If you’re finding it difficult to stay focused and productive in these situations, then consider it time to upgrade your workspace. Having a dedicated, quiet space will prove beneficial in the long run.

But if these meetings are infrequent enough to make a full-time office improbable, you can opt for office space rentals by the hour or day.

We’ve answered the top questions about day offices to aid you in your next search.

1. What is a day office?

Day offices are office spaces you can rent for the day, or on a part-time or temporary basis. Generally, day offices are found alongside private office space rentals within Business Centers or Executive Suites. Many come fully-furnished and available for instant booking. Many day offices include most of the same amenities offered to private office leases. Amenities include internet and WiFi, kitchen access, printing services, and administrative support.

2. Who should use a day office?

Telecommuters have the most usage from this type of office space, especially those who work out of a home office or virtual office. Business travelers who frequently travel between cities often don’t have a space for meetings or a place to do work. In both cases, renting a temporary office space is a great option.

3. Where can I rent a day office?

Business Centers and Executive Suites are places to consider when looking for day offices. If you’re situated within a large, metropolitan city like Los Angeles or a growing business hub like Orange County, it’ll be easier to find day offices near you. A quick Google search will help you find operators in your area. However, the rise of online listing platforms like Davinci Meeting Rooms help make your search incredibly easier.

4. How much does it cost to rent office space for a day?

Similar to meeting room rentals, it is possible to rent office space by the hour. Pay when you need it for how long you need it. Average hourly rates for office space in Orange County and surrounding cities can range from $20-$65/hour based on pricing research through Davinci. In some cities, you can rent an office for as a low as $10/hour. Costs can go as high as $100/hour for spaces with an incredible office design and large square footage. Davinci provides some of the most competitive meeting room rates in the industry so you’re guaranteed to find your day office at an affordable price.

5. Why should I rent a day office?

There are many instances as to why you should rent office space by the hour. Meetings with clients, interviews with job candidates, and appointments via teleconferencing all require a quiet environment. Distractions are inevitable in places not suitable for business activities like sitting at a local Starbucks or at a hotel lobby. Day offices are a guaranteed, distraction-free option for such occasions. Renting an office for the day will enhance your overall professional image, especially for meetings that matter the most!

As the flexible office industry evolves, options for workspaces expand simultaneously. Now, professionals can choose from an array of services and spaces made for the most temporary business needs. If you need assistance in your search, feel free to contact a meeting planner from Davinci Meeting Rooms.

Day offices rentals are the next step to improving your work space without having to commit to a full-time office lease. 

Available on-demand, affordable for every price range, and complementary to your professional image, every professional can benefit from renting space by the hour!


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