Things to Consider When Hosting a Paid Training Event for Your Business

Hosting events for your business provides you with ample opportunities to generate new leads, form new relationships, and highlight your brand as a knowledgeable and credible leader in your market space.

On the other hand, poorly planned business events have equal weight in damaging your brand’s reputation and serving as a painful waste of time and money. Hosting events for your business is a big undertaking that will require careful planning and diligent attention to detail.

Plan a successful and profitable business event by staying on top of these five crucial considerations.

Plan Every Detail

The sooner you can get all the details squared away, the sooner you can begin spreading the word to your target audience. This is an imperative first step in hosting a successful paid event for your business, so don’t take it lightly and don’t put it off. You should have your entire event planned down to the last letter at least two months before the big day. 

When and Where

The when and where will be the foundation for you to build upon. Start searching for event room rentals early on so you have plenty of time to compare options and reserve the space for your ideal date and time.

The date and time you choose should cater to your target market. You don’t want personal schedules to conflict with attendance. Your best bet is obviously on a weekend, not too early and not too late in the evening.


Identify a customer persona for your guest list. Think about who can benefit from the information you have to offer, and who may convert to a customer after attending. Identify unique customer types and define clear parameters as to how you’ll market to them, what information they would find most useful, and how you can convert them to a customer once they’ve attended your event.


Once you’ve determined your ideal attendee persona, you’ll need to decide how many people you’d like to have at your event, and how many you’re going to invite. This number will help you in securing an event room rental that can cater to the size of your audience.

You’ll also need to take catering or refreshments into consideration. It’s always a good idea to provide your attendees with refreshments afterward, as this time can be used to mingle with your guests and form new relationships.

Find the Right Location

Location is key to hosting successful and profitable business events. If you want people to come out to your event, you need to choose a convenient location in a central area that will make attendance as convenient as possible.

In addition to where you choose to host your event, don’t forget about the little details that can make a big difference such as parking and accommodations. If the parking situation is a nightmare, you could lose guests -- or make your attendees very unhappy before they even reach the building. Make sure your venue is prepared to provide parking or valet for your attendees.

While you’re comparing your options, you should also inquire about the range of additional business services and amenities that are provided. A business center, a lobby greeter, and presentation equipment can make all the difference in your presentation -- literally and figuratively.

Now, how you go about finding the dream location can be complicated and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. With Davinci, you can find just the right space that meets all of your criteria in a matter of minutes. With just one phone call or a quick online search, you can reserve a great location with all the amenities you need and cross this daunting task off your to-do list.

Create an Airtight Marketing Strategy

If you’re hosting a paid event, then you should do everything you can to fill the room. The more attendees, the more money you’re going to make from the event -- not to mention the number of leads you can connect with.

Get the word out online and in print for the best results. Blast your company’s social media profiles with eye-catching graphics and need-to-know information. Have your web master design a simple landing page to direct attendees to where they can register for the event and pay for their tickets. You may even want to consider hosting paid ad campaigns on Google and social media to reach even more people outside your digital circle.

If you’re already running email marketing campaigns, make sure to mention the event in every email leading up to the registration deadline. Print flyers and take them around to local businesses that could benefit from your training. Make phone calls, send text messages, do everything you can to get the word out to as many people as possible. 

Get Some Feedback

Following up with your attendees after the business event will give you valuable insight to improve your skills and plan an even more successful event in the future. Make sure to initiate your feedback campaign within a day or two of the training while your presentation is still fresh in their minds. Send them a quick survey or a simple email asking how you did, what they liked the most, and what they’d like to learn more about.

If you take the time to draft a quick and simple survey, you can compile your feedback and analyze the data in a way that will allow you to easily apply it to your next business event. 

Find the Perfect Location with Davinci

With so many details to plan and announcement campaigns to perform, finding the perfect location can be a serious drain on your limited time. Let Davinci find one for you so you can spend your time creating a profitable paid business event.

Contact us today for our help in finding the right location for your needs, or browse our available event room rentals online now!


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