Serviced Office, Virtual Office Address, or Meeting Rooms: Which Is The Best Option for Your Business & Budget?

Leasing or buying an office space for your company is very expensive. Luckily, it’s no longer the only option anymore. There are a variety of alternatives these days that make it a lot cheaper to find a place to do business. Where once freelancers couldn’t afford to work anywhere except at home or at coffee shops, and small/medium businesses had to sell the farm to pay for space, companies of almost any size can now find office space for a fraction of the cost. It’s all achieved by instant offices: renting fully furnished offices from another business.

Three options for temporary office space—serviced office space, virtual offices, and rentable meeting rooms—are gaining in popularity. With more and more businesses choosing to use these services, the traditional office is rapidly becoming obsolete. The question is, which of these services is right for your business? To help answer that question, we’ll take a look at these three, and which situations they are most applicable for.

Serviced Office

A serviced office space (also known as “workspace on demand” and “workspace as a service”) is the complete package. Serviced offices are the business equivalent of renting a fully furnished apartment: it’s just for you, and it has everything you need. The office space provider prepares a whole location for you. Then, the space (which is customized to your company’s needs) is rented out to you. You use the space for as long as you need, then move out when you don’t. It’s that simple.

When you choose a serviced office space, you don’t have to buy your own furnishings. You don’t have to set up the utilities or worry about maintenance. The upkeep is left to the provider; all you have to do is fill the space with employees.

For those running a decent-sized business, serviced offices provide all the advantages of a traditional permanent office, while providing more flexibility and less hassle.

Virtual Office Address

For those who work by themselves (lawyers, freelancers, consultants, and so forth), finding a place to work can be difficult. You can work from home to save money, but the home environment isn’t always conducive to work, and it’s hard to meet clients and investors there. Physical mail is also problematic, as the residential address lacks both the legitimacy and security of a business address. And for some, it can be difficult to get licenses and certification without a business address.

That’s where virtual offices come in. You don’t always need a professional home away from home, but you do need a place to meet with people to talk business. You need a place to send your mail. And you could stand to add some professionalism to your operation, so people know you’re serious. A virtual office address provides all that. When you sign up for virtual offices, you’re given a receptionist who can take calls for you, a virtual assistant to keep you organized, a physical address that can receive mail, and access to workspace and meeting rooms when you need them. Best of all, you only pay for what you use.

Virtual offices work best for individuals who don’t always need an office, but need a temporary desk or conference room from time to time and a professional business address.

Meeting Rooms

Last, we have rentable meeting rooms. These are simply meeting spaces that can be reserved and paid for by the hour. Whether you’re a freelancer meeting a new client, a small business that doesn’t have enough seats in your meeting space, or a large organization that’s looking to host an off-site meeting, there’s a meeting room option that fits your needs, and your budget. Just pick a room, block out a time, and pay for what you need. Easy as that.

Instant office space is revolutionizing the way we do business, and many companies are finding it an attractive alternative to spending a fortune on more permanent real estate.
If you’re tired of spending exorbitant amounts on rent for your office, contact Davinci Meeting Rooms today and look into the available options for instant offices.


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