Best Coworking Space Design Layouts for Productivity

When searching from a work near home space there's much to consider, such as location, amenities, equipment and price. But perhaps even more important is having a good coworking space design layout. This could be the key to a successful work environment.

One recent whitepaper, published by Robert Walters Specialist Professional Recruitment, revealed 97% of professionals surveyed said their existing workspace design drains their ability to focus. Another study, conducted by Gensler and Precision Consulting, discovered the most significant factor in an employee's ability to focus is their physical environment.

A well-designed office space helps increase productivity, attract new talent and reduce attrition rates. So how can a coworking space achieve maximum design aesthetic while also providing other key elements?

Introducing biophilic office design

The big idea with the practice of biophilic design is to increase people's connection to the natural environment inside a building. In general, it's believed biophilic design has many benefits, including health, environmental and economic.

In an office setting, biophilic design is said to improve mental health, reduce stress, increase confidence and increase self-esteem. This is achieved through strategic use of nature and space.

In essence, this type of interior design considers these elements:

● Natural light

● Water

● Ventilation, temperature, humidity

● Plants

● Natural landscapes

It's not always possible to incorporate every natural element into an office design, but it can still be woven into the design indirectly by creative use of images, color, scents, patterns, geometric shapes and simulations.


If possible, arrange desks (even better if they're standing desks) next to windows or underneath skylights. Natural light is proven to encourage alertness, decrease stress, improve mood and increase productivity. 

If not possible, natural light can be simulated through artificial light, glossy, light paint colors and reflective finishes, surfaces and mirrors.


Using water features within an office design can both decrease stress and increase health and performance. Moving water allows for many of the senses to be engaged and is often included in design through fountains, aquariums and artistic water pieces.

Water within a strong coworking space design layout can also be achieved through photos or paintings of water, using the color blue throughout the space or playing background sounds of running or trickling water. Incorporating water elements into a coworking space can help create a low-stress, creative, calm and productive work environment.

A note about noise levels

For open-concept office spaces, noise is often a topic for dispute, and is even said to contribute to illness, stress, low morale and low productivity. Sound masking, noise-cancelling headphones or other technology can help reduce noise to a manageable level.


Having good air circulation, a comfortable, consistent temperature (around 65-68 Fahrenheit is standard, but warmer temperatures are better for productivity) and relatively good humidity levels (between 30% and 40%) work together to create a positive working environment.

Airflow can be regulated through a central air or heating system, as well as having indoor plants. Plants both improve air quality and add moisture into the air.

A note about room scents

When our senses are positively engaged, we're generally more focused and productive. And certain scents have the ability to affect our moods.

Scents like pine, cinnamon, lavender, peppermint and citrus are said to aid in staying focused and improve moods, and if you have a home or private office, then using a subtle essential oil diffuser could enhance your work day.

Shared office spaces are generally scent-free, since many chemical scents can cause health problems. Incorporating scents into a coworking space should be done with care and consultation with those who use the space.

When considering coworking space design layout, it's important to think about what elements will encourage focus and creativity, and develop your office setup around maximizing these benefits. Through understanding what helps people be productive, you can better achieve a positive work environment people love.


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