The Benefits of a Shared Office Space

There has been an increase in demand for shared office space across the world, both by entrepreneurs and also by companies of all sizes. While ten years ago many were skeptical about the shared work space trend, today most professionals and businesses have realized and embraced the benefits of using these types of workplaces.

These spaces are modern, they encourage collaboration, and they contribute to an individual’s overall well being. Shared work spaces have become the norm and the preferred type of workplace of the new workforce generation.

4 Key Benefits of Shared Work space

Low overhead

Because shared office space is shared, they help individuals and businesses cut costs in terms of managing and operating real estate. Shared work spaces take away the hassle associated with office fit out, furniture, administrative costs, and maintenance. Additionally, all utilities are included, and since individuals and companies only pay for the amount of space they use, they save by not having to manage or keep underutilized space.

Existing IT infrastructure

Setting up an office is no easy task, especially when it comes to technology infrastructure and equipment. Shared offices are already equipped with the latest technology, from Wi-Fi and Ethernet ports, to audiovisual equipment, printing services, IoT, and VoIP services. Plus, most shared work spaces have an IT team on-site, ready to solve any issues that may come up on a day to day basis.


Whether you are a freelancer seeking for a place to work from a few days a month, an entrepreneur leading a startup that has outgrown the home office, an SME hoping to grow, or a large company entering a new market, chances are shared offices will offer you a membership tailored to your needs. Most shared offices offer day passes, monthly memberships, yearly memberships, and anything in between. Moreover, they are also flexible when it comes to expanding or ending a contract, requiring only a short-notice to cancel or upgrade your membership. Some shared offices are even flexible in hours of operations, with several out there offering 24/7 access.

Networking opportunities

Shared office members often come from various lines of work, which means you are likely to meet people from all sorts of industries. Additionally, these spaces tend to host events and workshops where members can mingle and get to know one another. More often than not, people meet potential clients or partners in shared work spaces, creating new business opportunities and encouraging collaboration among members.


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