8 Alternative Office Space Ideas for Hybrid Working Environments

As the professional world regains its status quo, there are a lot of empty office spaces. Employers want to get these spaces up and running. Employees want to stay in the comfort of their homes.

The question then becomes: Are physical office spaces needed? Can they be replaced by alternatives? Can a business leader use empty office space differently to make a profit? 

There’s always room for creative thinking in business, so here are eight alternative office space ideas. 

Employers Struggling to Get Employees Back to the Office

It’s no secret that employers and employees have been clashing about returning to the office full-time. Employers want to rebuild a workplace culture and maintain their image, while employees want to keep the work-life balance they get by working remotely. 

Returning to the office has many pros and cons, which is why this has been a continuous struggle.

Pros of Returning to the Office

74% of employees go to the office to collaborate with coworkers and clients.

64% of employees feel more productive at the office than at home.

85% of leaders distrust their employees to be productive at home.

74% of employees are more willing to go back to the office if their work friends are there.

Cons of Returning to the Office

60% of American employees feel hesitant about returning to the office.

Only 13% of employees plan to return five days a week.

54% of employees feel more productive at home (79% for tech employees).

Employees with inflexible schedules tell of 3.4 times more work-related stress and 2.2 times lower work-life balance than those with more flexible schedules.

Employees with rigid schedules are three times more likely to seek a new job.

73% of managers say productivity has improved or stayed the same since remote work started.

Top 8 Alternative Office Space Ideas for 2023

With numerous companies fluctuating between in-person, hybrid, or remote work environments, there are abundant office spaces empty and wasting money. Here are eight ways those empty spaces can be profitable.  

1. Go Completely Remote

Many businesses have given up the idea of needing physical office space to be professional. Instead, they’ve gone fully remote and used virtual office addresses, office rentals, and meeting room rentals to save money and make their employees happier. 

2. Office Rental

If you aren’t using your office space, you have two options: Dispose of it or rent it out to another business (if you own the space). If you choose to get rid of your office, you can still rent a professional space when needed. There are many office rental options ranging from by the hour to by the day. 

If you rent it to another business, you can use that money to invest in your business. 

3. Conference Rental

Look into conference room rentals if you don’t need an office but still need a professional space to hold meetings. Like with office rentals, you can rent by the hour or the day. 

Depending on the renter, you’ll have access to a variety of amenities. Davinci offers fully serviced meeting spaces all over the world.

4. Networking Events

Another profitable way to use empty office space is to hold various networking events. These can range from casual happy hours to specific industry conferences. 

5. Training Space

While you or your team might not need training, other businesses do. Use the professional space you already have to let other businesses host training sessions. 

You can rent the space or make a deal to let you and your team sit in to learn something new. 

6. Coworking Space

Coworking spaces have become a popular office space trend for a variety of reasons:

Work for all industries

Offer networking opportunities

Offer professional space for all levels of entrepreneurs

Offer less expensive alternatives for small businesses

Offer flexibility for both businesses and employees

7. More Private Offices

Reorganizing your office space to have more private space will entice employees to return to the office because they’ll get a private work area they can customize. 

8. Hot Desk

A hot desk is a flexible office space anyone can use, but there is no guarantee there’ll be space to work in. Instead of renting the entire space, individuals purchase a membership. 

You can turn your empty office space into a hot desk business for part-time workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs who want a quiet space to work. 

Davinci Will Provide You with All Your Office Alternatives Needs

Deciding what to do with your office space is a multifaceted decision. Not only are there production and profits to think about but also what your employees want. Depending on the decision you make, your employees' morale and productivity could plummet or soar.

If you want to explore other alternative office space ideas, partner with Davinci. We offer meeting spaces worldwide to give you plenty of options.

Contact Davinci today.


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