7 Ways to Boost Work Productivity in an Open Workspace

Phones ringing, people talking, people typing, people walking by; the complaints associated with open offices are vast that it sometimes seems impossible for work to get done in such an environment.

Many people believe that open offices ruined the office, claiming that productivity levels drop in workspaces where people are unable to find some peace and quiet. While there are some types of work that are better suited for private offices, open offices have some advantages to them, even in those days that people’s phones seem to ring to no end.

7 ways to stay productive


  • Earphones
    Sometimes we all need to tune out to be able to tune in. While people’s chattering detriments from your concentration levels, wearing earphones and listening to instrumental or tempo music can help increase productivity levels. They also have the added benefit that people will be less likely to interrupt you.
  • Move around
    Sitting down for long periods of time is not only detrimental to physical health, but it also hinders creativity and productivity. If you feel like you are stuck, move around, find a different seating alternative or just walk for 5 minutes; this will help you clear your mind and come back to the task at hand more focused and refreshed.
  • Book a meeting room
    If you have a task at hand that requires a lot of focus, concentration or speaking with someone else, book a meeting room. This will give you enough privacy and will reduce noise levels around you that could otherwise distract you.
  • Pick a workstation with natural light
    Natural light helps reduce feelings of fatigue, tiredness, and eye strain. Choosing a desk near a source of natural light will help with your mood and your motivation, making tasks easier to complete.
  • Embrace green
    The presence of plants in the office has been associated with increased levels of wellbeing, decreased levels of stress, and--more importantly--reduced noise levels.
  • Talk to people
    Though this might seem counterproductive, sometimes taking a break to talk with people can help us with getting our work done. Oftentimes we are so drawn into our work that we are unable to think clearly about it; talking to someone about it might help clear our ideas and improve on them. Others might also offer helpful input or advise that you can implement on what you are working on.


  • No food on desk policy
    We are all guilty of eating while working, sometimes we do this in our desk. Not only is this unhygienic, but it’s also bad for your health and wellbeing and it doesn’t allow your mind to take a break and refresh itself. If you need a snack or are going to eat lunch, go to the kitchen or dining area to do so. Also, your coworkers will thank you.


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