4 Useful Tips for Introverted Entrepreneurs in the Workplace

Many workplaces seem designed for extroverts, everything from the way meetings are run to how ideas are exchanged. So if you're an introverted entrepreneur, it may feel like you're setting yourself up for failure.

But before you give up, remember that it's your company. You get to choose how you run it, and you can create a workplace where introverts thrive.

The extroverted entrepreneur versus the introverted entrepreneur

If it feels like the modern workplace rewards extroverts for their personalities, it's because it's true. Extroverts are quick on their feet, bring a high level of energy to social interactions and enjoy solving problems by talking them through with others.

On the other hand, introverts prefer observing and spending time with colleagues one-on-one rather than in groups. Their work style allows them to work creatively and with deep focus and they do not mind being alone.

Tips for introverted entrepreneurs

Both personality types have a lot to offer the workplace, but as an introverted entrepreneur, the way you run your business matters. For introverts, energy management is one of the most important things to pay attention to, so here are four tips for designing a business where you can thrive.

Develop strategies to manage your energy

Even if you run a solo business, you likely still need to deal with people every day. For introverted entrepreneurs, this drains their energy reserves. Developing routines and strategies around recharging is critical to running a thriving business for any introvert.

Figure out what works best for you and then find ways to work these strategies into your schedule.

Carve out time to recharge

Similar to managing energy, introverts need time alone so they can recharge. Without quiet time to reflect and unwind, it's easy for introverts to burn out or become overstimulated. This could be accomplished by taking a walk, having a nap, reading, meditating or praying, journaling, etc.

Embrace the flexibility that comes with being an entrepreneur and take time to recharge.

Leverage your strengths

Since this is your business, you get to choose how you run things. What special skills or expertise do you have that sets you apart in your industry? Focus on finding ways you can utilize those and spend your energy on tasks that don't drain you.

If your business requires certain tasks that you find taxing, these may be key areas to hire for or outsource.

Schedule one-on-one meetings instead of group meetings

Most businesses can't run without social interactions, but they don't have to be big meetings either. Introverts do best when meeting in small groups or one-on-one, so why not lean into that strength more often?

Choose quality over quantity and get ready to enjoy meetings more than you ever thought possible.

Being an introverted entrepreneur doesn't have to be intimidating

It's estimated that up to 40% of entrepreneurs and business leaders self-identify as introverts. So while extroverts may be the majority, it's not as wide a gap as it may seem at first glance.

Designing a business or workplace where introverts can thrive could be as simple as setting up a virtual office and allowing employees to choose where they work, and in what environment. It could also mean skipping large in-person conferences in favor of smaller, more intimate mastermind sessions. 

Whatever it means to you, remember that there are many business models that are successful and just because something works for one entrepreneur doesn't mean it will work for you (and it doesn't have to!).

Where extroverts build rapport easily and are often the most talkative people in a meeting, introverts are great relationship builders, excellent learners and listeners and are strategic planners.

Keeping what you bring to the table at the forefront and finding ways to capitalize on your strengths in business will serve you well and allow you to enjoy your business for many years to come.


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