2021 Meeting and Event Safety Guide

After a little over a year of remote work, most employees are now going back to the office, and that means that in-person meetings, conferences, and events will be coming back soon too. 

If you are already excited about planning and hosting events or meetings this year, then it is important that you keep in mind that your focus should still be on COVID. Even though great progress has been made in the fight against the COVID pandemic, you should still take great care to comply with current safety requirements for events. 

Safety at large events will prove especially challenging this year, because they will be drawing the most attention so everything needs to be perfect. 

To help you cover all your bases, here’s our 2021 meeting and safety guide:

Risk assessment

The first step is to accept that the risk of transmission can’t be completely eliminated. It can only be managed. And managing this particular risk involves first assessing the factors that can make your event safer or more dangerous for attendees. 

For COVID the main risk factors are the number of people attending, whether attendees belong to a high-risk group, the location you choose, and whether it will be held indoors or outdoors.  

With these in mind you can now plan the necessary steps to mitigate these risks, such as requiring face coverings to be worn at the event, hygiene and disinfection protocols, and reducing event capacity. Keep in mind that depending on the location, there might be restrictions in place so make sure to check with local authorities. 


Once you have determined the amount of risk you are willing to accept at your event, and the steps you will take to mitigate the risk as much as possible, it is time to act on these plans. It is a great idea to choose a venue that already has all the COVID safety protocols and measures in place.

This way you can be sure that things such as access to handwashing stations, cleaning and disinfecting protocols, and helpful signage are already taken care of. 


Even all the safety measures won’t be of much help if attendees and staff don’t know what is expected of them. That is why it is crucial that you communicate all your safety protocols and policies as much as possible. 

So put this information on your website, on your newsletter, at the door, and throughout the event. The idea is to let attendees know that you care about their safety and that they can be sure that you considered all the risks and took all necessary precautions. 

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