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About Our Meeting Space

Individuals, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and others for a wide variety of purposes use meeting facilities. Most of the Davinci conference venues have several types of meeting spaces below available.

Davinci's meeting facilities include the latest business support and technology. Meeting spaces include state-of-the-art equipment such as high-speed Internet access and presentation tools for visual and audio collaboration. The following are some of the more popular room uses.

Conference Rooms

Spaces used as all-purpose conference rooms are usually designed to accommodate many types of gatherings. From business to board meetings, these rooms are designed to facilitate collaboration. Many of Davinci's venues provide conference rooms in varying sizes. Customers may select a minimum number of participants when reserving these spaces.

Presentation Rooms

Standard meeting rooms used for presentations generally come equipped with larger tables and tools such as smart boards, plasma screens, LCD projectors, and many other amenities.

Training Rooms

Training requires adequate space so trainees are comfortable and can get the most out of the learning process. These rooms generally come equipped with training essentials such as smart boards, plasma screens, and projectors.

Private Day Offices

For the on-the-go professional, the private day office is an ideal space for privacy and productivity. These rooms are also suitable for private interviews.

Whatever the need may be, all of Davinci's meeting space venues offer many attractive options that may be customized according to your specific requirements.

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About Our Interview Rooms

Hiring new employees for your company is serious business. When scheduling and conducting interviews, you don't want to deal with the constant interruptions of employee questions, pesky phone calls, and emails popping up on your desktop. Additionally, when hiring from outside the company, even a dedicated interview room on site may not be enough to keep the process private. Having the entire staff know that you are hiring before the process even begins can become a problem, putting the privacy of the company and the hiring individual at risk.

If you want office space for interviews at an off-site facility so you can conduct interviews with prospective employees in a more peaceful environment, consider an interview room rental from one of Davinci's many conveniently located facilities. When you rent a space from Davinci, your interview room will be free of the many distractions of your workplace and, as such, more conducive to a successful interview with a potential new hire.

A pleasant space that allows for quiet conversation and a stress free environment encourages better communication from both you and the person you are interviewing. Off site interviewing locations are great ways to use a peaceful space to get to know the potential hire. In order to plan ahead for an off site interview, all you have to do is reserve your space with Davinci and find that much-needed addition to your team.

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About Our Seminar Rooms

Having a strong work force is key to your company’s success. You want to invest in your employees. Hold trainings and meetings in an exclusive seminar setting. Seminar space is essential to be able to gather all who may benefit from these sessions. It is also crucial to have venues for seminars available to keep everyone involved through discussions on the latest developments in your industry. Open communication through informed seminars is a way to keep at the pulse.

A seminar room, however, is often not a standard when it comes to office space. Regardless of your needs for small or large seminar venues, you can rely on Davinci. Find the seminar facility to meet your needs outside your own office walls. With Davinci, rooms can be arranged how you want them to make your seminar as effective as you need it to be. Choose from a u-shaped set-up to encourage open discussions, opt for theater style for professional presentations, or select any other configuration to communicate with your audience the way you want it.

Good communication builds a strong work force. Let Davinci’s seminar rooms open all ways of communications through affordable seminar rooms.

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Rooms Perfect For Depositions

In need to take or record your out-of-court testimony and prefer a professional setting to your own office? Simply turn to Davinci and take advantage of the superbly equipped deposition suites offering the privacy you need.

Using Davinci’s deposition space is simple. With our professional office space for your next deposition, we provide the ideal environment making you feel like you are in your office – minus the distractions. No matter if you are looking for smaller deposition meeting rooms or larger deposition conference rooms, Davinci has what you are looking for.

Davinci’s professional meeting spaces are available for short- or long-term rentals. Rent a suite conveniently located close to your office, home, or wherever you need to be. Simply call to make your reservations and rent Davinci’s office space for depositions at your convenience.

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Shared Office Space

Coworking is the social gathering of a group of people usually not employed by the same organization, but who share values, and who are interested in the synergy that can happen from working with talented people in the same space.

Coworking has never been easier than with Davinci. You have affordable personal space in an open, friendly working environment available for rent just when you need it. Davinci’s coworking centers are conveniently located in the top business areas in town - without the hefty price tags.

Coworking space is available for short-and long-term rentals. Why pay for space when you don’t need it?! Save on office rental cost, overhead, and reap the benefits of having a combination of a private work area with the networking benefits of an open-plan office.

Working in a coworking office space allows you to focus on your efforts, while staying connected with a friendly business community. Being your own boss – literally - has never been more productive. Rent coworking facilities to save on rental costs so you can invest the money on more important things.

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About Our Training Rooms

Trainings are the essence of staying young and remaining more attractive than the competition in a fast-moving, unforgiving business environment.

Get out of your office and motivate your audience by holding your next seminar in a training room that offers so much more than your own dark room next to the copy machine. You can focus on your training while Davinci takes care of the rest.

Take advantage of Davinci’s training venues and know you and your trainees are in excellent hands. Offering many room configurations to accommodate any learning style, Davinci’s training facilities are also well equipped with state of the art technology, and offer the support you need right on site.

Sounds expensive? Not to worry, you may rent temporary training space to suit your needs. From small to large training rooms rented by the day or just hourly, Davinci has cheap rates to help you meet not only your training, but also your budget goals.

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About Our Boardrooms

A number of corporations use business boardrooms for holding conferences or meetings with company members. A boardroom is essentially the central meeting place for executives or a board of directors within a corporation. Boardrooms are typically used for highly important matters such as decision-making, problem solving, or training activities.

Meeting boardrooms vary in size, but many corporate boardrooms for rent are large enough to accommodate more than 10 people. Davinci provides a number of fully equipped rooms designed to make any meeting successful. At each location, Davinci representatives handle the details, so you can focus on your business.

All business boardrooms have multiple chairs, at least one conference table and an area designated for a monitor or whiteboard. The boardrooms for rent by Davinci are furnished with presentation tools, video conferencing equipment, and high-speed internet access. Davinci also provides quality copying, printing, and faxing services. Find out first hand that Davinci goes the extra mile by providing business support services such as food and beverage catering, concierge services, and secretarial support.

While most boardrooms for rent are simply basic rooms with very few amenities, Davinci meeting rooms are stocked with everything an organization may need for hosting a successful business assembly. A Davinci boardroom provides a convenient, comfortable, safe, and affordable place for executives to conduct important business.

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Hotel Meeting Room Alternatives

Davinci Meeting Rooms for business conferences are available in major cities across the world. These rooms are specially designed to provide all types of business services from company training sessions to group meetings.

Yes, hotels are spread out all over the world, too, yet Davinci is significantly cheaper than the average hotel conference rooms. Most hotel conference room rates are higher than the affordable rates offered at Davinci and often hotel meeting rooms offer just so much less.

Davinci conference rooms always provide lobby greeters to add a personal touch. Each conference facility contains everything needed for business meetings. High-speed Internet service, projectors, screens, and smart boards are available. Additionally, clients may borrow video conferencing tools and A/V equipment. These tools are often not available, let alone included in a standard hotel conference room rental.

Most hotel meeting spaces are not designed to provide adequate levels of corporate client assistance. Davinci Meeting Rooms always provides basic secretarial services like faxing, mailing/shipping, and printing. Food and beverage catering services are also provided upon request.

For the price of an average hotel conference room rental, Davinci offers many specialized services just for business clients, reassuring you that paying high hotel conference room rates is simply not an economical decision.

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Day Office Rental

A day office is a cost-efficient option for anyone needing a professional office space on a part-time basis. Day office rates vary, but many spaces can be rented by the hour or day. Renting an office on an as-needed basis eliminates the financial stress of long-term ownership.

There are numerous reasons to rent an office for a day. A telecommuter may need to work closer to home, or a traveling businessman may require a private meeting place. Many people who work at home rent office space by the day as well. Anyone needing a quiet work zone can benefit from daily renting.

The advantages of a day office rental are plentiful. People who don’t want to be tied down to one place may prefer renting by the hour because there are no long-term commitments. Many day office rates are flexible as well, and space can be rented at the last minute for an entire day or just one hour.

Professionals who rent office space by the day often need the amenities of a conventional workplace. Davinci’s full-service meeting spaces are designed with business in mind. Each location is fully equipped with the most up-to-date technologies and professional equipment.

A day office is perfect for anyone temporarily needing a private or shared space. It can be highly beneficial to rent an office for a day - particularly if someone is just starting a business venture. Renters only pay for the time used, which makes day office rental an economically sound option.

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Rooms Perfect For Presentations

Workplace presentations are a very important part of keeping employees aware of the actions and changes being taken within the business and its projects. However, many workplace presentations are dull and lifeless, leaving employees disinterested. These presentations are not conducive to absorb the information that is being conveyed.

Presentation rooms have a lot to do with the efficacy of a presentation. Often, the same old office space used to stage these presentations completely lacks the ability to stimulate employees and hold their interest, making the presentation ineffective. For this reason, it is important to choose a presentation venue that will keep employees alert and interested.

One solution to defeating the doldrums of that old presentation office space is to rent presentation facilities from one of Davinci's many convenient locations. An off site facility for workplace presentations draws employees out of their shell and keeps them interested in the topic at hand. An off site meeting, presentation, or seminar can break up the monotonous flow of a typical workday, making the presentation a memorable one which genuinely resonates with employees. With the use of an off site presentation venue, the effectiveness of a presentation can be maximized.

Finding a presentation room for rent with Davinci and using it for your next workplace presentation is a great way to encourage communication and input from employees. A change of scenery is often just what bored employees need to get their minds working, promoting creative thinking, and originality. An effective presentation engages employees, so consider an off site presentation space.

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About Our Conference Space

Tired of the costs and constraints of hotel conference facilities? Book with Davinci to elevate your meeting space—and lower your costs. Davinci offers conference and meeting rooms in ideal, convenient locations in cities around the globe. Davinci venues are ideal alternatives to hotel conference rooms. All facilities are well-appointed, stocked and staffed for off-site meetings, training sessions and conferences.

Whether you’re gathering employees, colleagues or clients on site or hosting a video conference, Davinci’s conference venues offer the professionalism and turnkey solutions you need for a successful event. Our conference room facilities—and video conference facilities—provide the latest in technology and business support services, including:

  • LCD Projectors
  • Wireless or High-Speed Networking
  • Video Conferencing
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Dry Erase Boards
  • Full Food and Beverage Catering
  • Copying and Printing Services
  • On-Site Receptionist
  • Secretarial and Concierge Services
  • Notary

Organizing a conference or large meeting is often stressful and expensive. With Davinci, you get more than a conference room for rent; you get a meeting partner to help with all the details to ensure your event runs smoothly, professionally and productively. Davinci’s administrative support staff is available to meet every business need—from assistance greeting and registering guests to help with logistics and concierge service.

Book any conference venues online—instantly—by the hour, half-day or full day. Use our easy online reservation system to search over 700 conference room facilities and video conference facilities worldwide, see real-time availability and rates and reserve the space you need in 3 minutes or less!

Get started now at!

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