Meeting Rooms for Depositions

As an attorney, you are often required to record out-of-courtroom testimonies from clients, defendants, witnesses, experts, and other involved parties. The courthouse is an option, but it can make some of the participants uncomfortable, to say the least. You could hold it at your office, but that is hardly neutral territory, plus the distractions can be overwhelming. Instead, opt for one of Davinci’s deposition meeting rooms. You’ll have comfortable surroundings, a fair playing field for all involved, and a disturbance-free environment. With those key elements in place, you have a much better chance of your deposition going according to plan.

Why Rent Deposition Rooms through Davinci?

Davinci delivers more than a clean room to support your deposition services. You’ll have a lobby greeter to welcome your guests and show them to the designated room. Our audio and visual teleconferencing equipment—along with blazing fast high-speed Wi-Fi—make it easy to include individuals who may not be able to attend in person. Smartboards, LCD projectors, and plasma screens provide advanced technological tools to help the proceedings stay organized. Food and beverage catering services keep everyone fueled up. And, once everyone’s statements have been recorded, the on-site business center can assist with copy, fax, notary, and mailing services.

Book Your Davinci Deposition Conference Room Today

Davinci has over 20,000 professional meeting spaces around the world—and probably one close to your office, home, or wherever you need to be. You can quickly search our inventory online, then reserve yours in as little as 3 minutes. We understand your need for flexibility. You may only need the room for a few hours, or it could take a couple of days. That’s why we rent them short- or long-term. Now, that’s a statement you can swear by.

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