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As a decision-maker for a corporation, your primary concern is the bottom line for your investors. As such, you must base every choice on sound economic principles.

Your company may have facilities across the globe, but installing—or leasing—a professional business meeting room in or near all of them doesn’t always make shrewd financial sense because company-wide meetings don’t occur that often.

Davinci provides a solution with corporate meeting rooms for rent. We offer corporations an excellent alternative to hotel meeting rooms or other off-site options. Rent by the hour for a quick all-hands get-together or by the day for a more extended training session.

We can even customize the corporate meeting space to meet your needs.

4 Benefits of Renting a Corporate Meeting Room

There are many benefits to renting a corporate meeting space instead of using free public spaces.

  1. Amenities
  2. Each Davinci business meeting room has various amenities to facilitate business operations, like presentation tools, basic office supplies, and more, which you can find below.

  3. A Confidential and Quiet Space
  4. A quiet meeting place allows for ideas, discussions, and brainstorming to occur more naturally than having people constantly walking around you as they would in a coffee shop.

    Your participants can feel confident that no outsiders eavesdrop when discussing confidential information.

  5. Professionalism
  6. A corporate meeting space presents more professionalism than a coffee shop or a hotel conference room. You can establish yourself as a professional without saying a word.

    For example, when you rent a Davinci corporate meeting room, a professional greeter will welcome your guests in the lobby and show them to the meeting room, as large corporations do.

  7. Saves Money
  8. Entrepreneurs can rent business meeting rooms by the hour instead of for the day. This option saves money by not maintaining a space used only a few times a month. You can invest those extra savings elsewhere.

Business Meeting Rooms Must-Haves

When renting a corporate meeting space, ensure that the following four basic amenities are available for you to use.

  1. Basic Business Tool Access
  2. Access to basic business instruments will make your meeting go smoothly and demonstrate your preparedness. At a minimum, you should have access to the following items:

    • Printer
    • Copier
    • Staples
    • Extra paper
    • Paperclips

    Davinci’s business services come with all these tools, including mail, fax, and notary services, should you require them.

  3. High-Speed Internet
  4. Most presentation programs require a high-speed internet connection to link the presentation device and other personal devices in the room.

  5. Tables, Chairs, and Space
  6. An appropriate corporate meeting room has enough tables, chairs, and space for everyone involved. Nobody should have to interrupt the meeting as they maneuver past people to use the restroom. Additionally, no one should have to stand during the meeting due to a lack of chairs.

  7. Presentation Equipment
  8. When renting a business meeting room, it’s crucial to ensure access to presentation tools like the following:

    • Smartboard
    • Whiteboard
    • Projection screen
    • Speakers
    • Microphone
    • Extra cables

    With these tools, a meeting will succeed and show you’re prepared. At Davinci, we provide all these tools and more.

    Our state-of-the-art technologies and presentation tools, like LCD projectors, smartboards, plasma monitors, audio/visual teleconferencing equipment, and high-speed Wi-Fi, will add modern conveniences to your meeting.

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