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Martin Senn, CEO of Davinci Virtual Office Solutions featured in IOS Offices Lifestyle Magazine

Salt Lake City, UT, April 2020 - Martin Senn, CEO of Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, the leading provider of virtual office addresses, on-demand meeting & workspace and professional live receptionist services was recently featured in IOS Offices Lifestyle Magazine


‘After being born in the United States, I spent my entire childhood and my young adult years living in the small country of Switzerland – a beautiful place to live, a great school system to learn from and a traditional society that is based on ancient values and cultures. After finishing my education though, I felt an irresistible urge to expand my horizons

beyond the Swiss Alps, both geographically and professionally. Soon, I moved back to the United States to embrace the American dream.

During my first 15 years, I climbed the corporate ladders to executive positions at large travel and telecommunications companies. However, I also ended up getting more and more frustrated with the lack of ability to affect change or innovation. So in 1999, I decided to walk away from it all.

It was that day that made me realize that I always had been an entrepreneur at heart.

So I went out and started my own consulting company while also leading a wireless technology startup. It seemed that I had finally found my professional path and I really enjoyed my work again.

But things really took a turn again when I met my friend and current business partner Bill Grodnik. He embodied the energy, drive and fearless passion of a true serial entrepreneur. His unwavering, determined vision to create a new, innovative virtual office services platform was incredibly inspiring. His early vision and my operational background matched up so well that we immediately went to work together.

We started Davinci Virtual Office Solutions in 2006. Today, Davinci is powering over 50,000 entrepreneurs and small businesses with virtual office addresses, meetings rooms for rent and live receptionist services worldwide. Our tools allow them to grow and succeed!

So… Was it easy to build Davinci? Absolutely not! 

I will always remember many long days and sleepless nights creating business models, building websites, worrying about revenues and competition, trying to solve unexpected problems and making sure that we were delivering what we set out to do. The first several years of building the company were painful, draining and filled with risk.

Would I do it again? Absolutely yes! 

Aside from your family, only hard work, risk and passion can deliver so many moments of accomplishment, joy and gratitude. Even 14 years later, I still get excited to work with my team every day and I would not change a thing. I also remain very thankful for the opportunity and all the great people that have helped making Davinci what it is today.”

So do not be afraid to take a risk, make a change, and follow your passion. You may just find exactly what you always wanted.

To review the full magazine click here.

For more information please visit www.davincivirtual.com or www.davincimeetingrooms.com or contact 888-863-3423. 

About Davinci:

Davinci is the leading provider of turnkey virtual communications and virtual office solutions. Davinci offers virtual office locations and virtual office services worldwide. With professional business addresses in over 2,000 prime locations, mail forwarding, lobby and directory listings, access to conference rooms and day offices, catering, administrative services, virtual assistants, business support centers, entity formation and resident agent services, license hanging and more, Davinci Virtual helps businesses maintain a global presence on a local budget.

DavinciMeetingRooms.com is a comprehensive online reservation platform for business, providing access to over 5,000 conference rooms, day offices, meeting spaces and business support services around the globe. Users can book professionally equipped meeting rooms, as well as critical add-on services such as LCD projectors, video conferencing, wireless Internet access, catering services and secretarial support.

About IOS Offices:

IOS OFFICES was born in 2007 with the firm conviction to transform the life of our Partners and Community, changing the connotation of the word work. Trying to avoid going to the office out of obligation, necessity and / or laziness, to get hundreds of people to do it for and with pleasure. Just as when you decide to go out to dinner, to an event, to the theater, with family or friends, so we want you to come to work at your IOS OFFICES Center.

To learn more, please visit https://www.iosoffices.com

Media Contact:

Serena Johnston

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions


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