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Davinci Virtual Named to the Parity.Org Best Companies for Women to Advance List

Salt Lake City. Utah  – July 29, 2022 – Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, the leading provider of global virtual business addresses, on-demand workspace offerings, and live receptionist services, has been named to the Parity.org Best Companies for Women to Advance List of 2022. The ParityLISTTM  recognizes organizations that are creating a culture and conditions in which women can rise through recruiting, promotion, and compensation practices, as well as leadership representation, benefits, and policies that collectively help companies achieve gender parity.

“The pandemic created a substantial setback for female advancement in the workforce,” said Cathrin Stickney, Parity.Org founder and CEO.  “But the companies that made this year’s ParityLIST not only got back on track, they sped past all expectations. I could not be happier to report that 70% of this year’s honorees have an Executive Team that is 30%+ women, 77% have a VP team that is 30%+ women, and 72% have reached pay parity!” 

The 2022 ParityLIST honorees had a number of policies and practices in common, such as:

Flexible working hours (98%)

Paid sick leave for both full-time (100%) and part-time (79%) employees

Equal family leave for both men and women (84%)

A culture of encouraging men to take their full family leave (95%) 

In addition, 91% of companies named this year require recruiters to include at least one qualified woman on every candidate slate for executive positions reporting to the CEO. Also virtually every company has a zero-tolerance policy for harassment and regularly communicates its gender-equality values to employees. 

While most organizations have begun rolling back benefits like subsidized child care, backup child care, backup elder care, and job sharing to pre-COVID levels, many of the companies on this year’s list have continued offering those essential supports, and have even added new benefits, including travel policies that allow parents to take their young children with them on business trips, free of charge. 21% of this year’s honorees now offer this travel benefit, up from just 6% of last year’s honorees.

“We are very excited and proud to be named to Parity.org Best Companies for Women to Advance List for 2 years in a row. We are fully committed to creating a company culture that embraces inclusivity, diversity, and equal opportunity for all,” said Coco Quillen, President of Davinci. 

“The parity problem is complex–but it’s not insurmountable,” said Ms. Stickney.  “The extraordinary performance of this year’s honorees proves that a genuine commitment and focus, coupled with the right tools, measures, and practices, will absolutely move the needle toward fairness.”

For more details, visit: www.parity.org/best-companies.

About Davinci Virtual

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions is the global provider of business addresses, live answering services, coworking, and meeting spaces for people like you: professionals who crave lifestyle balance and mobility without compromising financial success. Our innovative, fulfillment-driven approach delivers exceptional service and cutting edge solutions on a global scale. Learn more at https://www.davincivirtual.com/

About Parity.Org

Parity.Org is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to closing the gender and racial gap in corporate leadership, where the gap is the widest. We take a pragmatic and research-based approach, offering a range of proven best practices and industry-leading tools for not only reaching—but sustaining—parity in leadership. Learn more at Parity.Org and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram

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