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Davinci Virtual Explains Virtual Office Benefits to AP

by Jennifer LeClaire

The Associated Press is the latest major media outlet to pick up on the virtual office story. That’s right, AP Business Writer Erin Conroy is picking up where Forbes magazine left off with its coverage of Davinci Virtual.

“You’re basically a one-man operation run out of your garage. So how do you create the illusion that you’re a successful agent with offices on Wall Street?” In her discussion with Davinci Virtual President Bill Grodnik, she has seemingly determined virtual offices were one solution.

“When you call a company and someone answers his own phone, the immediate first impression is that it’s a small business that doesn’t have a staff,” Grodnick told the AP. “You’ve got to stop answering your phone and take your home address off of your business card to be taken seriously.”

Should You Choose a Virtual Office?

How do you know if a virtual office is right for you? Davinci Virtual offers a six-point checklist:

  1. Work with a true partner
  2. First impressions count
  3. Establish instant credibility
  4. Focus on growth
  5. Work economically
  6. Expand your presence

If you said yes to those questions, it may be time to consider a virtual office. If you still aren’t sure, try using Davinci Virtual’s payment calculator. It helps you determine how much value a virtual office provider can bring to your business.

Calculate the Savings

The calculator asks you to estimate what your time is worth on an hourly basis. Then it asks you to share how much time you spend on tasks like answering general calls, scheduling/confirming appointments, processing/tracking orders, answering customer service questions, making basic outbound calls and doing administrative tasks a secretary could handle.

In my case, Davinci decided I was losing 31.5 hours a month in productivity – that’s almost a whole workweek. Or at least every weekend! That equals, well, a whole lot of money.

Then Davinci offered up the cost of its virtual receptionist cost: $149 a month. That’s a mere fraction of what it costs me to complete the tasks on the list.  In fact, that’s less than I pay my assistant. Hmm. Does anyone see a virtual office in my future? How about in yours?


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