Davinci Video Conference Services

Davinci Video Conferencing service is an online video conferencing product, commonly referred to as Web Conferencing. Up to 25 participants can be connected to the same session. You can share your screen, present content and even record the conference. Davinci ensures that the conference call is set up properly and ready to go for you!

The only thing you need to bring with you are either a personal computer, smart phone, or tablet with a camera – and be sure you reserve a meeting room with an internet connection. There are no pass codes to memorize or logins to create to use our video conferencing service, and you can simply share the session link with your participants. With one click, they are connected to the meeting! Davinci Video Conferencing is the video conferencing for your meeting!

Video Conferencing vs. Web Conferencing

What is video conferencing? Traditional video conferencing is considered hardline connected equipment with either an IP or ISDN connection. In both cases, there is a physical line connecting the special equipment at two separate locations (ex. your client, and you).

What are web conferencing services? Davinci Video Conferencing uses an internet based connection to facilitate a session between all video meeting attendees. End users do not need an IP connection to join. Simply click on the link provided by Davinci using a laptop or smart device with a camera, and you’re connected to the video conference!

Quick Facts About Davinci’s Video Conferencing Services

  • Davinci’s video conferencing services are internet based – meaning no special video conferencing equipment or dedicated connections needed to make it work.
  • First time use requires each participant to download and install the software client application.
  • Our video conferencing services must be purchased in combination with a meeting room reservation, so view our thousands of meeting room locations to get started.
  • Link to join conference via website is shared with all participants.
  • Allows up to 25 individual connections.
  • Our video services allow for content sharing, desktop sharing and conference recording.
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