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Davinci Gives Back: November Charity - Beyond Addiction Mosaic

At Beyond Addiction Mosaic, our mission is to create a recovery-ready community by bringing resources to life, Beyond Addiction.  We provide Peer to Peer support to individuals looking to achieve long-term recovery from Substance Use Disorder while supporting 'All Pathways to Recovery'. In addition, we actively give back to the community by feeding our unsheltered population and providing them with essential hygiene, clothing and Harm Reduction services.

Our hope is to strengthen our community by continuing to help those in need and those who’ve been directly impacted by Substance Use Disorder (SUD). We strive to break the stigma associated with addiction and recovery. We envision a nation where individualized support in recovery from SUD is a more easily accessible option to anyone, anywhere.’

For the month of November, Davinci donated funds to their fantastic mission. We are proud to support an organization that not only helps in recovery, but also gives back to our unsheltered neighbors.

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