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Davinci Gives Back: February Charity – Momivate


• Mothers have a unique opportunity to shape society through their children

• Children have an innate need to be with their mothers the majority of their formative years

• Motherhood needs an upgrade so that women will want to choose this profession, understanding the benefits to their children as well as themselves

• Society needs to support mothers in this role by:

       o providing solid parenting education backed by neuroscience and parenting experts

       o alleviating monetary concerns so mothers truly have a choice and aren't required to take on income-yielding work for economical reasons

       o allowing women the time necessary to have the positive influence on their offspring that they're designed to have

       o teaching employers that  when a woman's resume shows she took time to R.A.I.S.E. U.P. her children, this indicates that she has developed several skills beneficial to any company, not to mention the future employees she has raised who will have these skills as well.

• Motherhood is a full-time job! The child-care crisis is solved if we acknowledge the practical impossibility of outsourcing motherhood, and establish motherhood as a multi-dimensional occupation worthy of our time and talents. 

• Our nonprofit is a form of gratitude to mothers for the work they do. Our board members are currently all volunteering our time and expertise.’

Davinci stands by this organization wholeheartedly. As a company that employs and empowers women, we believe in the Momivate mission. For the month of February we made a financial contribution, as well as encouraged members of our team to volunteer time and make purchase through their smile.amazon.com. 

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