Fifth Avenue Midtown Tower
Sinatra Room
15 West 38th Street 4th Floor New York City, NY 10018 United States
131 pods style 138 classroom style 200 theatre style 250 reception configuration
Mon-Fri, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
250 Guests
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Coffee Service

$35.00 each

Assorted Sandwich Platter (serves 6)

$170.00 each

Wireless Internet included in Conference Rooms

Included Upon Request

Executive Continental Breakfast (serves 6)

$190.00 each

Executive Lunch w/Salad & Dessert (serves 6)

$280.00 each

Assorted Snack Mix (serves 6)

$105.00 each

Assorted Cupcakes & Cheesecake/Brownie Pops (serves 6)

$90.00 each

Wine, Crackers & Cheese (serves 10)

$305.00 each

Hot Lunch & Dinner Entrees (serves 8)

$330.00 each

Fruit Tray with Berries (serves 6)

$75.00 each

English Tea Service with Cookie/Scone Platter (serves 6)

$95.00 each

Kitchen and Lounge Area

Included Upon Request

Samsung LED TV w/HDMI & VGA Connections for Presentations


High Definition Polycom Phone Access


Recharge Package

$12.00 each

Davinci Video Conferencing

$39.95/hour up to 25 participants


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