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Small Real Estate Agencies Turning to 'Virtual Offices' to Manage Growth

Increasingly, small real estate agencies are turning to companies to assist them in managing their growth (Davinci Virtual counts real estate companies as 18% of its clients). But how, exactly, do these companies work? What is a “virtual office” and what are the advantages of creating one? Below are some answers:

What is a “virtual office”?
A virtual office offers all the services of a “brick & mortar” office – a virtual or live receptionist providing a friendly, customized greeting, order taking, call routing, scheduling, unified messaging and electronic-fax, a prestigious local business address, mail forwarding services, lobby signs, pay-as-you-go conference rooms – and more.

What are the advantages of having a local business address?
Meeting with new business contacts, potential investors or customers at the local coffee shop is not the ideal situation for a business owner. Davinci offers modern, professional conference rooms in more than 600 locations nationwide, allowing businesses to put their best foot forward. Davinci customers also benefit from having a prestigious corporate address and may have their company name listed on the building directory. Also, having a virtual address means no more missed deliveries or time wasted waiting around for late packages.

Why use Live Answering?
In business, as in life, first impressions count. Having a business phone answered by a live virtual receptionist is reassuringly professional to customers and clients. In addition, the receptionist can answer questions and describe products or services to callers, schedule appointments, provide call screening & forwarding and much more.

Why is unified messaging and Electronic Fax important?
Small business owners spend a lot of time on the road, in meetings, or are otherwise engaged in the business of actually doing business. The fully customized Davinci communications platform addresses incoming calls with a personalized greeting, announces the calls, and redirects them to wherever the Davinci client is. A single toll-free or local telephone number accepts calls and faxes to keep everything simple, both for the Davinci client and their customers and contacts. Call screening is provided as well. Unified messaging ensures that Davinci clients get their communications anywhere through their “smart phone”, which allows them to retrieve emails, faxes, or voicemails. On a computer, Davinci clients have a “command center” where all their communications appear. This also means businesses need only one number for both their voice line and fax line, which saves me both time and money.

What are some of the other advantages of a Davinci Virtual office?
It is critical that small business owners find ways to increase their productivity and differentiate themselves from their competition. Given the right resources, businesses can focus on growth rather than administrative tasks. Davinci ensures that businesses, no matter what their size, look professional, sophisticated and important. In the competitive world of business, image and first impressions can make or break deals. Business owners can run their business and Davinci will run their office.

How much does this cost?
Clients are free to customize their Virtual Office as desired and prices vary depending on the number of features they require. A number of packages are also available, with prices beginning at $59 per month for the Virtual Office Attendant Package. More information is available at www.davincivirtual.com.