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MEDIA ALERT: "The Triumphs and Setbacks of the REAL Jerry Maguire"

Leigh Steinberg, Legendary Sports Agent and Inspiration for the Film "Jerry Maguire" Will Be Interviewed Online and Take Live Questions From the Public on the Award-Winning CredibilityLIVE.com -- March 8th 2:00 PM PST / 5:00 PM EST


Leigh Steinberg, super-sports agent, attorney and inspiration for the film "Jerry Maguire" will be featured on the award-winning FREE interactive online video series, CredibilityLIVE. Mr. Steinberg will talk about his rise to becoming a super sports agent who negotiated more than $2 billion in contracts and more recent challenges he has overcome in his personal and professional life. He will also share his personal insights into the art of negotiation. The video interview will be conducted live online and will allow for online questions from the general public.


Thursday, March 8th at 2:00PM PST / 5:00PM EST (LIVE!)




Viewers can watch the interview live and ask questions via interactive chat on www.CredibilityLIVE.com. Registration is open at the CredibilityLIVE website. The live Q&A will be FREE and open to the public.


Credibility, in both business and personal affairs, is an important asset that can take a long time to build, but can be easily lost or damaged. In this special CredibilityLIVE event, Leigh Steinberg, the super sports agent, attorney and inspiration for Tom Cruise's role in the film "Jerry Maguire," will talk about his meteoric rise to the pinnacle of the sports management industry, as well as some recent challenges he has experienced and what he has learned about the delicate nature of credibility and the reasons successful people rebound from failure.

Leigh will also discuss his experiences and share insights as one of the world's leading sports negotiators. Having negotiated over $2 billion in contracts for some of the world's most successful athletes, Leigh will share his techniques, breaking the process down into the essential steps -- from the preparation phase, to positioning the deal, to the negotiation itself, and finally to closing the deal so that both sides feel satisfied.

This special CrediblityLIVE interview with Leigh Steinberg will be sponsored by Davinci Virtual, the leading provider of virtual office, live answering, and meeting space solutions worldwide.CredibilityLIVE is an interactive, online video series that enables small business owners to dialogue with industry-leading experts who provide strategies and insights to entrepreneurs who want to build business credibility and ultimately grow their businesses.

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