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Davinci Virtual Rolls Out Live Web Chat Service

Davinci Virtual Rolls Out Live Web Chat Service

Davinci Virtual is upping the customer service ante among virtual office providers this week with the launch of its latest service offering. Dubbed Live Web Chat, the service works to compliment Davinci’s high-end end virtual receptionist services, paving the way for companies to convert Web traffic into leads or sales.

As Davinci Virtual President and CEO Bill Grodnick sees it, the new Web chat service is a logical extension of the firm’s boutique live answering services. Davinci’s virtual receptionists are already fully trained on our clients’ business, he says.

“We have used live Web chat successfully for years internally and we are very excited to offer this proven conversion tool to our customers and businesses worldwide,” Grodnick says. “Today, almost every company has a Web site. Businesses need to monetize their Web traffic and Davinci has the most cost effective solution to do so.”

So, then, what’s the cost? Just $49 a month. That’s a good price across the industry, so if you are in the market for Web chat services, this is a good time to give it a try. Of course, Davinci Virtual also wants to you use a virtual office space and its live reception services as well. For about $200 a month, you can get the whole kit and caboodle and give your business a virtual makeover for the New Year.

I’m not sure if Davinci Virtual has partnered with a live Web chat company to provide these services or if the company has developed its own technology. I have tried Davinci’s Web chat services in the past when inquiring about its services and found it to be an efficient, seamless experience. They key, then, is not the technology but the training of the virtual receptionists. On that end, I found Davinci’s virtual receptionists very professional, and able to answer all my questions. Let us know what you think…