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Davinci Virtual Launches Website Version 3.0

They don’t call it Davinci Virtual for nothing. Just days after rolling out the second iteration of its DavinciMeetingRooms.com Web site, virtual office solutions provider announced the launch of the third version of its flagship Web site. Indeed, Davinci Virtual is taking the virtual world by storm this month!

DavinciVirtual.com greets you with a talking video and the expression, “First Impressions Count.” How true that is – and the site makes a strong first impression, with a clean design, an appealing color scheme, a step-by-step guide for shopping and purchasing turnkey virtual office space and products online and provisioning and personalizing all services instantly.

“We are very excited to publish the next version of our virtual offices Web site – the user-friendly design will allow for even easier navigation while offering advanced search tools and new interactive features,” says Bill Grodnik, president and CEO of Davinci Virtual. “The new Web site provides a much better user experience and projects our updated company look and feel including a new logo design. We are convinced that the new site will yield higher, better visitor stats and conversion rates – stay tuned.”

I agree with Bill. DavinciVirtual.com’s new design allows users to select toll-free or local numbers worldwide, set up voicemail, fax and e-mail services, establish voice and video conferencing as well as professional live receptionist and live answering services. The site also offers visitors access to over 600 locations with virtual offices to choose from, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and any other metropolitan area throughout the world. Clients can select prime business addresses, meeting space and business support services online.

One of my favorite parts is the “Davinci in the News” section. There the company displays many of the major media outlets in which the company has been featured. (Hint, hint Bill: You left out aBetterOffice.com). The ‘in the news’ section helps Davinci establish credibility almost immediately. The testimonials section is also helpful. And the ability to chat with a representative right away could mean the difference between closing a deal and losing one. Big improvement over version 2.0. My kudos to Davinci Virtual.

Jennifer LeClaire

Jennifer LeClaire is a veteran business journalist, editor and new media entrepreneur with a strong niche in real estate and technology. She works from a home office on the beach in South Florida. You can reach her through LinkedIn. www.linkedin.com/in/jleclaire