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  • RainMaker Meeting Room in Corning - Corning Executive Office Suites

    RainMaker Meeting Room

  • Enclave Boardroom in Corning - Corning Executive Office Suites

    Enclave Boardroom

  • Exterior 1

  • Flex Office in Corning - Corning Executive Office Suites

    Flex Office (no window)

  • Flex Office in Corning - Corning Executive Office Suites

    Flex Office (window)

  • Midsize Office in Corning - Corning Executive Office Suites

    Midsize Office

  • Large Office in Corning - Corning Executive Office Suites

    Large Office

  • Catalyst Conference in Corning - Corning Executive Office Suites

    Catalyst Conference 1

  • Catalyst Conference in Corning - Corning Executive Office Suites

    Catalyst Conference 2

  • Catalyst Conference in Corning - Corning Executive Office Suites

    Catalyst Conference 3

  • Catalyst Theatre in Corning - Corning Executive Office Suites

    Catalyst Theatre

  • Reception

  • Lounge

  • Kitchen

  • Exterior 2

Boardrooms for rent in Corning, NY

When negotiating, taking care of business, or making big decisions, you want a board room not a bored room. Davinci Meeting Rooms provide you with board rooms which will check off all your requirements from the availability of presentation tools to the spaciousness of the rooms.

Find a board room for business meetings in Corning
1 5 E. Market Street,Corning, NY 14830, $40.00/hr

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Corning Meeting Rooms

Few companies have the luxury of space to designate a room large enough to hold board meetings. Even if you do, sometimes a change of scenery can help the thought process and inspire. A structured boardroom for rent in Corning may just be the key to meet all of your agenda goals. You will make the right decision by booking an affordable Corning boardroom space through Davinci. We offer boardroom rentals in Corning to help you focus on nothing else but your meeting. No matter if you are in need of a room to encourage executives to make the all-important decisions in the course of a week, or need a large space on an hourly basis for back-to-back meetings, we have everything to meet your boardroom meeting needs. Davinci even offers temporary and daily boardroom rentals in Corning. High quality doesn’t have to come at a high cost. Davinci is affordable. All of our rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and Davinci’s venues are located at prime addresses and facilities to impress even the most skeptical board member. Rent a boardroom in Corning and let Davinci take care of the small stuff so you and your board members can think big.

Coco Quillen

Coco Quillen is VP of Operations at Davinci Meeting Rooms, LLC

Why Davinci Meeting Rooms

Traditional board meetings can sometimes be a snooze, but with Davinci’s audio-visual equipment, you can spice up your meetings to keep everyone’s attention. Connect with remote employees on the HD video conferencing systems or present your points on the LCD projector. You can even access documents or emails on the Cloud Based version of Microsoft Office and Email Exchange. Davinci offers the latest technologies, administrative support, and high-speed Internet for board meeting success.

Location features at our Corning corporate boardrooms*

Davinci Meeting Rooms provide top-notch features to ensure your office space goes above and beyond your expectations. Learn more here about Davinci’s impressive meeting space features

On-Site Administrative Assistant

Davinci Meeting Rooms feature on-site administrative assistants who provide professional first impressions. These assistants are on hand to answer phones, greet your clients, and provide assistance to you and your business partners.

Audio-Visual Equipment

Don’t let your presentation flop because of out-of-date technology. Rent a Davinci Meeting Room for access to state-of-the-art technologies and collaboration tools from HD video conferencing systems to LCD projectors.

High-Speed Internet Access

There are few things more annoying than a finicky Internet connection, but with Davinci, you can trust the reliable high-speed Internet access available in all meeting spaces and offices.

Professional Environment

Whether you are meeting clients or you are feeling the pressure of a deadline, you want your work environment to exude proficiency and productivity. With Davinci, you can expect the utmost professionalism from both the staff and meeting spaces.

Administrative Support

Can’t seem to figure out how to connect to the plasma screens for your presentation? Davinci offers administrative support to assist you with any questions or concerns to ensure your meeting runs smoothly.

Great Availability

When your client reschedules a meeting for this afternoon or the seminar venue cancels on you, find last-minute meeting space with Davinci. With Davinci’s vast selection of meeting spaces and venue locations, you will have no trouble renting the room of your choice.

Our meeting room facilities in Corning are a perfect fit for:

We are confident you will find Davinci Meeting Rooms with the highest quality and service, providing affordable meeting space and executive business suites at great discounts. Please browse the following list, if you are looking to book a specific type of meeting room in Corning: