Penn Station Executive Suites
Conference Room B
1370 Broadway 5th Floor New York City, NY 10018 United States
Mon-Fri, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
5 Guests
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Wireless in Conference Rooms

Included Upon Request

Fruit Tray with Berries (serves 6)

$75.00 each

Sodastream Carbonated Water

Included Upon Request

Assorted Cupcakes & Cheesecake/Brownie Pops (serves 6)

$90.00 each

Starbucks Freshly Brewed Pot of Coffee

$40.00 each

Executive Lunch w/Salad & Dessert (serves 6)

$280.00 each

English Tea Service with Cookie/Scone Platter (serves 6)

$95.00 each

Admin Time


Samsung LED TV w/HDMI & VGA Connections for Presentations


High Definition Polycom Phone Access


Executive Continental Breakfast (serves 6)

$190.00 each

Assorted Sandwich Platter (serves 6)

$170.00 each

Wine, Crackers & Cheese (serves 10)

$305.00 each

Hot Lunch & Dinner Entrees (serves 8)

$330.00 each

Davinci Video Conferencing

$39.95/hour up to 25 participants


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