12 Things You Should Bring to Your Coworking Space

Entrepreneurs and small businesses—and even enterprises in some instances—are recognizing the benefits of coworking space. The flexibility of on-demand office space enables them to avoid being locked into permanent office space that comes with various parameters—fixed location, unused office space, and insufficient office space, to name a few. Coworking space also includes a virtual office address, varying sizes of professional meeting space, lobby greeters, and administrative support.

It thus should be no surprise that the amount of coworking space is expected to grow over 40 percent by 2022. The number of professionals in each coworking space is also expanding—hitting an average of 90 per location this past year.

Deciding to use coworking space is the first of several decisions that a business professional needs to make when using a coworking space. One of those is what to bring to the coworking space? The typical accoutrements one brings to a permanent office space are not necessarily the same items that one should bring to a coworking space.

  1. Laptop and charger. Probably a “no-brainer,” but certainly a requisite.
  2. Cell phone. Dedicated land lines don’t come with a coworking space.
  3. Cell phone charger. Last thing a professional want is to have a dead phone in the middle of a business day.
  4. Headsets need to work with both laptops (Voice over-IP) and cell phones. These are important for both one-on-one calls as well as conference calls. Plus, as coworking spaces have surrounding noise from other workers, headsets can drown out or block distracting conversations and sounds.
  5. Snacks and beverages. While some coworking spaces have snacks and beverages, many do not.
  6. Notepad and pens and pencils. These are critical for taking notes and action items from conference calls as well as working out ideas while working on individual tasks.
  7. Extra clothing, fan, portable heater. With upwards of 100 workers in a coworking space, not everyone is going to have the same temperature preferences. 70 to 72 F degrees might be fine for some; for others it might be too hot (sweating); and for others it might be too cold. Keeping a sweater, fan, and portable heater on hand can ensure that the workspace is commensurate with each individual worker’s temperature requirements.
  8. Small desk lamp. Research shows that lighting plays an important role in the health of workers as well as their productivity. A desk lamp with the right type of bulb can soften up office lighting.
  9. Personal items. Coworking spaces can be rented out by the hour, half-day, day, week, and month. For professionals who go to the same coworking location and have a “reserved space,” inclusion of some personal items such as a plant or pictures of family and friends can create a more productive work ambience.
  10. Business cards. Coworking spaces are a great place to network; they often have tens of different entrepreneurs and businesses represented. These networking opportunities provide a chance to develop new business partnerships or even new business. Business cards are a must in these circumstances.
  11. Fresh breath. In a coworking space, professionals work in close proximity with other occupants and have regular conversations with each other in the break room, hallways, meeting rooms, and workspaces. Having some breath mints, gum, or mouthwash handy is important, particularly if you had a lunch with a lot of garlic or spices.
  12. For professionals who work from the same coworking space on a regular basis, a lock is a requisite to sure personal possessions when they are not in the office (if lockers are provided).

Not every coworking space is the same. Entrepreneurs and small businesses need to vet their options carefully as a starting point. But planning does not stop there; once a coworking space has been selected, they also need to plan what they should bring to their new coworking space. Those without the right office “accoutrements” will find that they are not as productive and as effective as others who plan accordingly. Check out Davinci Meeting Rooms to get started on your coworking space adventures today.


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